The Pheasant is on the Road, The Grape is on the vine…

Aww, aren't they cute!

Aww, aren't they cute!

I left my Boise bench home yesterday to take a trip out to Indian Creek Winery. It was a beautiful day – not too hot, which is odd for Idaho in the first third of July. As a city dweller I’m usually loath to drive very far form home (slightly agoraphobic). I found out that Kuna is a lot closer than it looks in Google Maps.

It didn’t take long at all to get to the quaint little grape farm; even with the construction on the highway, and on Columbia road. They’ll be done on Columbia by the time of our next tour. It was rather fortunate that I was detoured because as I was cruising along Hubbard Rd., the most beautiful cock pheasant scurried across in front of me. His tail feathers were at least 15 inches long. He’s lucky the Trolley Bar burned down a few years back. They had a tail feather contest that might have caused me to speed up instead of brake.

When I arrived at Indian Creek things were very quiet. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon, and I would imagine they’d been long at it. As I approached the entrance I noticed a tractor of some kind had been between the vines; probably knocking down weeds . We wouldn’t want the musk thistle, goathead or skeleton weed stealing any water from our malbec or cab grapes, now would we. Mike McLure and his crew have things well in hand, even with the wet spring and burst of heat. Those little baby grapes are growing just like they are supposed to.

It looks great Mike. The people want a taste!

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