Sunny Slope Bridal Tour

Serena’s Fling Before the Ring – August 1st,2009

Idaho Winery Tours Serena

(right to left) Brandy Crosby-bridesmaid, Serena Sparks-bachelorette, Keri Murray - bridesmaid

It was her day. It started a few weeks ago with an e-mail from Brandy Crosby. She wanted to do something special for her friend Serena Sparks, who is getting married next Saturday, August 8th, 2009. Over the course of that two weeks we talked about the what she would like to provide for her friend’s bridal tour. Brandy decided she wanted everyone to have their own tasting glass with lanyard and an engraving to commemorate the event, hence the title of this post. IWT put it all together and the tour was set.

We started out at their hotel where our guests were checking in early. It was rather hot, but the Chrysler Town and Country’s air conditioning was strong and cool. Off we went to the Sunny Slope (Idaho’s wine country).

We arrived at our first stop – Fraser Vineyard. Hailey, the beloved wine dog of the two acre boutique farm, panted in the shade of a young maple as the ladies walked up to the small flower ensconced patio. Bill Fraser was there, working hard as usual. He had the refrigerator in the bungalow go down the day before we arrived. He had to move a cabinet to get the new one in place, and had just finished that chore as the ladies made themselves comforatble.  He came out with several bottles and started pouring right away. The bridal tour guests were immediately impressed by the crisp Fraser Viognier, and the hearty full flavor of his Malbec-Syrah and Merlot-Cab Blends. The ladies sat and enjoyed the beauty of the scene. Many varieties of flowers surround his patio, and bunches of young grapes cover the trellis creating the perfect setting for sitting and sipping drinking in the breathtaking view of the Snake River AVA (American Viticulture Area – sanctioned in 2007).

Our next stop took us to Williamson Orchards and Vineyards. Just outside their well appointed tasting room one can purchase a great variety of locally grown organic fruit. Our group stepped in to the tasting room and offered up their custom engraved tasting glasses which were a big hit with the other tasters. The ladies tried everything they had to offer, and enjoyed the 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, taking a bottle to share with the future hubby. Their Viognier and Riesling were big hits with Sue, the mother-in-law to be, and her companion and family friend Annette.

After we departed, the ladies were hungry, so we decided to break the schedule and head to The Orchard House Restaurant. They munched on some Bacon, Lettuce, Avacado, Sprouts and Tomato (BLAST) sandwiches, and sipped some nice iced tea in the shade of their back patio. We finished up and hit the road again.

The ladies had big plans for the evening, so we had to cut it a little short. Their last stop was Indian Creek Winery. As we pulled in an audience sat in the beautiful Idaho sunshine to bear witness to a wedding. The ladies oohed and ahed at the beauty of the grounds and the ceremony taking place. We were a bit late, but Bill Stowe sat firmly behind the wine bar, ready for our arrival. The ladies tasted a few of Bill’s award winners and loved every one of them. He shared with them some of the tradition behind different bottle styles, and his opinion on “to punt, or not to punt”. (the punt is the indentation on the bottom of a wine bottle) Bill didn’t seem to think them necessary. “It takes more glass, and removes room for wine,” he said with a knowing smirk. Either way, the offering at Indian Creek endeared itself to our tour.

Idaho Winery Tours would like to congratulate Serena on her engagement, and wish her a long and happy marriage. We would also like to thank all the people who make a unique experience like this possible.

Cheers and good Cheer!


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  • Keri Murray

    I was one of the Bridesmaids and I just have to say how WONDERFUL George was! He took really good care of us and made sure that the Bride just enjoyed her day. The whole weekend was a hit but our afternoon of Wine Touring was a favorite! Thank you George for making Serena’s last weekend with the girls a weekend she will always remember;-) Cheers!

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