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The snake River at Celebrations Park

The Snake River at Celebrations Park

Our latest tour takes us back to the stone age. Fourteen doctors from all over the world came to see what had been etched into the basalt boulders on the shores of the Snake River just outside Melba, ID. I picked them up at the Grove Hotel in the heart of our modern city, and transported them back 12,000 years to what is now Celebration Park. Chipped in the clusters of volcanic black basalt were messages left by some of the earliest continental dwellers. Primitive signs were almost everywhere you looked. Using quartzite pecking stones these early natives left messages, but what they mean is anyone’s guess. Among them were (supposedly)ancient sun dials that marked the  solsitces and a north south longitude. The basalt is extremely hard having been forged in the belly of the volcanoes that raged over the area 3.5 million years ago. One could envision scenes of native peoples practicing with atlatls, harvesting the tiny river muscles and using nets to catch a bounty of fish. But what could these folks be telling us from so many millenia ago?

If I had to guess, they wanted us to go down river and have a taste of the great wines being made today. Yeah, I know its a stretch, but we followed that advice anyway. But first lunch.

Our little group of sawbones started with a fantastic lunch at The Orchard House Restaurant. From the ruben to the bacon, lettuce, avacado, sprouts and tomato sandwiches, to the halibut and chips, each raved about the victules (’round these parts we call ‘em vittles).

Happy and ready for a tour, we headed over to winery at Ste. Chapelle where the pulmonary specialist breathed in the heady aromas of the wine works and bold syrah proffered by the friendly staff. Among the glasses and other tasters they found souvenir treasures to take home as well.

Dr. Mecki came all the way from Milan

Dr. Mecki came all the way from Milan

As per our ancient instructions we then sped over to Sawtooth Winery for another tasting before the rain started to fall.  We didn’t get much tasting in, the crew enjoyed the tours and loved the scenery provided by our beautiful Sunny Slope. Even with the billowy clouds and the threat of rain throughout the day, the views were spectacular.

We look forward to seeing you all the next time you’re in town. It was a pleasure having you all.

Cheers and Good Cheer, George at Idaho Winery Tours

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