Got Wine, but No Wine Cellar?

Once you find a wine you really love, how do you assure an ample supply of it? You can be sure that if you love it, so will thousands of others, and once that favored vintage is gone, you can’t go back in time and make more. The thing to do is horde it. Yes, its sounds selfish, but so what? Are you going to sit in a closet and drink all those bottles one at a time by yourself? If that’s the case, I have a 12 step program I’d like you to visit.

No, you won’t drink it all yourself. You’ll share it with friends, save it for a really special occasion, or maybe you want to sell it at a later date. Wine is like my wife – she gets better with age (Am I out of the dog house now honey?) But if you don’t have the space or a humidity and temperature controlled room in your house, here’s a solution.

Rent your own wine cellar in Boise, Idaho.

WineKeeper - Got Wine, but no wine cellar.

The WineKeeper

This website is being reconstructed at the moment, but you’ll find contact information. You’ll have 24 access to your wine, and it’s kept at the perfect temperature (57 degrees) and humidity (between 6o and 65% – the drier climate of Idaho makes humidity control a little more difficult). It’s locked up tight, but you’ll still have 24 hour access to your collection. Also, it will keep those pesky teenagers from getting their hands on the good stuff. It’s not expensive either. You can store your treasured tempranillo or classic claret for as little as $20.00 per month.

Here are some other tips for storing wine.

  • Store at correct temp and humidity (as noted above.)
  • Keep it so the cork always stays wet (upside down or on it’s side)
  • Keep out of direct sunlight. (Wine doesn’t like UV rays, especially whites)
  • Keep it still (vibration from a refrigerator compressor will degrade the flavor as well)

Cheers and Good Cheer!

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  • This is good information, I’ll direct some of my customers to your site! I’m also interested in wine transportation opportunities; if you’re interested send me an email!

    Thank you,

    Capitol City Cargo LLC

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