Much More than a Wine Tour

View from Bitner's Deck, Idaho WInery Tours,

The view from Ron and Mary's deck at Bitner Vineyards

Life is a journey. We rarely get the opportunity to think, let alone act, in such terms. Week in and week out, most of what we do is very regular as if we are playing the same song over and over again. But when we do get the opportunity to do something a little different, it’s as if we’ve added a new riff or base line to our sheet music. I think about my own life and much of it is a steady beat of activities that change only slightly – get up, get the kids ready for school, go to work, eat lunch, back to work, go home, eat dinner, watch a little TV and hit the pillow only to do it all over again the next day. You know the drill.

That’s why a wine tour is more than what it seems.  This last Saturday I took a wonderful group of women out to the Sunny Slope for tastings at Ste. Chapelle, Bitner VIneyards, Koenig Winery and DistilleryDavis Creek Cellars, and Indian Creek Winery. And  of course, lunch at the ever wonderful Orchard House Restaurant. Each stop has it’s own feel and atmosphere. However, there’s something more to it.

For my part, I love exposing people to new experiences. That’s what my guests get. The Sunny Slope, south of Nampa, Idaho, is one of the state’s best kept secrets. First of all the area itself is a wonder of nature.  While you’re sipping one of Ron Bitner’s creations, overlooking his grapes and further on to the Snake River and the Owyhee Mountains beyond, something happens to your soul. It’s awe, a swelling heart. It’s a growing intimacy with friends, family and lovers.

Sunny Slope Idaho wine tour!

It's always more than just a wine tour

I saw the same thing with my latest group. They left the husbands and the kids and had a great time doing something out of the ordinary. They talked about work and kids and family and friends and caught up on each other’s lives. They shared in some great wines and took a few bottles home. They even shared a couple of birthdays. I wasn’t party to every conversation, but I could tell the memory of that late April Saturday afternoon would not soon fade.

So, every now and then, change the tempo, add a new chorus, or simply change the station. Do it with friends, family or the love of your life. Make a change in the soundtrack. It doesn’t have to be a wine tour, but a change in the score is always welcome.

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  • What an amazing day. George (Our guide) took care of everything. I never knew that so much wine culture existed in our area. It was nice to be introduced to everything “local.” I have great memories from the wine tour, and every time I open a bottle of local wine, I will remember this great day!


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