Winery Touring in Idaho: More Flavor Than Meets the Tongue

Bunch of Grapes on an Idaho Winery Tour

Looking forward to seeing this later this year

I heard the other day that over 1500 people were out at Sawtooth for Mother’s day. I am so glad to hear that it was such a success. It’s really nice to get everyone to one place for a day a fun.You would think the wine tour guy would have been there, but alas, the mother of my children had to work that day, and it wouldn’t have been much fun without Mom. You would also think that the wine tour guy would be out there anyway, but with two kids at home, and the fact that the wine tour guy doesn’t drink alcohol (always a sober driver!), it didn’t make much sense for me. But to those who went, I commend you, and thank you, and to those who went because they read about here on Idaho Winery Tours, I give the extra high top of the barrel salute. I’m glad I helped you celebrate with your Mom.

You see my passion is in seeing this burgeoning industry grow, and anything I can do to help that come about gives me supreme satisfaction. This weekend will be my biggest weekend ever, so I’m ecstatic to know that 24 more people will get to experience this tasty little gem of the Gem State. It isn’t 1500, but every little bit helps. So those of you who went to Sawtooth and tasted all the different offerings, you might want to take Mom out again to add to that hint of pear, almonds, and smokey finish. There is flavor of another sort that you might want to experience as well. That’s the taste of the individual jewels in Bacchus’ crown. You see each winery out on the Sunny Slope has it’s own flavor. They say that location is everything. Well, each location where these wines are made and tasted is different, and they each have a flavor of their own. So if you long to taste those wines again, and maybe one or two you didn’t taste, we’d love to have you get a flavor for what it’s all about on a more intimate and personal level. Just you and 6 or 7 friends makes for a fantastic day.

Thanks again to all the folks that support Idaho’s wine industry, the folks that make the wine, and make my job so much fun!

Cheers and Good Cheer,


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