Summer is Here!

Someone finally flipped the “Summer Switch.” Just a couple of weeks ago it was raining and cold, but last weekend (6/12/2010) a group of gals got together for a tour to celebrate the marriage of one of their crew, and a couple celebrating an anniversary took a tour with Idaho Winery Tours. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Idaho Winery Tours, Bridal Shower Wine tour

Congratulations Katie!

It seemed that love was in the air. There were two weddings going on last Saturday; one at Indian Creek Winery, and one at Ste. Chapelle Winery. There were also two bridal showers out on the Sunny Slope wine trail. It was a veritable bounty of blushing brides, but the real bounty was to be had at all the tasting rooms.

There’s a lot going on in the Snake River AVA(American Viticulture Area) South of Caldwell on Highway 55. On June 26th Williamson Vineyard is having their Sixth Annual First of Harvest Party with live music, some new wine releases,, barrel tastings, food, and cherries fresh of the trees. The wines they are releasing sound wonderful. A new 2007 Homestead Red, a Windmill red, Syrah, Viognier, and Riesling. They sound sumptuous! A previous tour wa able to sample the Syrah and said it was fantastic.

For father’s day, Indian Creek is putting on their annual Happy Pappy’s Day party, on Sunday June 20th, with music by The JB Trio, and Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, Mama Mui’s famous Thai Cuisine, an Astro-Jump for the kids, and along with wine tastings, the ever popular Ball in a Barrel Golf Challenge. But that’s not all – Three Oaks Academy will be there doing relaxing massage. If you’ve never had a massage from Three Oaks, I highly recommend them. They have the most comprehensive massage techniques in the valley.

Anniversary wine tour with Idaho Winery Tours

An Anniversary Tour!

The day was like a before and after. We took a couple out to taste who were celebrating an anniversary as well. Thanks, for coming along Brandi and Derrick. We’re so glad you could come over from Pocatello. Marriage is work, but you two seem to have a pretty good thing going. For you it’s mostly play! Congratulations!

And yes, the ladies had a great day! Congratulations to Katie – not only are you starting a new adventure, but you have a great group of friends in Kelsey, Jayme, Rebecca, Carolyn, McKenzie, Jami, and Katie. You were a really fun group, full of glee, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Cheers and Good Cheer to all, George

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