Idaho’s Secret Industry – Water into Wine

If you love wine, this post is for you. Yesterday I ran to the sprinkler parts store, otherwise known as Home Depot. As I was getting out of my car a fellow shopper was getting out of his car. He looked at the Idaho Winery Tours magnet on the side of our Element, did a double take – amazed by the synchronicity, and said, “I was just on that site last night.” It was a thrill for me to actually talk to a visitor, rather than wondering who these people are that are showing up on Google Analytics.

Snake RIver AVA Gardner

Snake River AVA Gardener

“You never knew there were so many wineries in Idaho, did you?” said I. “I was amazed,” said he. He had been to Ste. Chapelle and had a tried a few others, but when I listed a few more wineries that are in that area, he said he saw them all on this site. It was a nice compliment when he said he liked what we have here on Idaho Winery Tours.

But this post isn’t about Idaho Winery Tours. It’s about the fact that here was this man who lives here in Boise, Idaho and was unaware that Idaho is home to a rapidly growing industry right in his own back yard. He didn’t know the number of wine makers in Idaho has grown like the vines they nurture. And there’s lots more growing to be done. The Snake River AVA is over 8,000 square miles in size. Simply by purchasing Idaho wine you too can be a Snake River AVA Gardener. Let me explain…

I know you’ve heard that buying local is a good thing. It’s true. One of the great learning experiences I’ve had while running Idaho Winery Tours is how many people are affected by one’s love of wine. Winemakers, restauranteurs, gas stations, rental agencies, and all the people who help make this wonderful product, from vine pruners to the people who make the equipment required to make and bottle wine are all helped by the value you place on wine (and this is an abbreviated list). Stranger still, is that it works this way with everything you decide to purchase with your hard earned money.  I think of it as voting with your labor. That’s the beauty of commerce. Better yet; you can vote early and vote often. And by voting for Idaho wines you make it possible for people to take the water supplied by nature and grow grapes, which can be made into wine. It’s pretty miraculous, when you think about it.

View from Bitner's Deck, Idaho WInery Tours,

The view from Ron and Mary's deck at Bitner Vineyards

There is another way to vote as well. Spread the word. Idaho’s Secret Industry wants your vote. Try Idaho’s wines, go on a winery tour, or just tell those you know who love wine. Idaho’s secret isn’t one that should be kept, and by doing so you’ll be helping turn water into wine.

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