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Idaho Winery Tour

Jerry and Jackie from N. Dakota.

Getting to Know Idaho’s Wine Community

It’s been a busy week, and my posting turn-around time is a little off. But I’m here now and ready to tell you about last weekend’s guests and give you a taste of what they experienced. We had a great couple on Saturday from Pocatello, Idaho, and another wonderful couple on Sunday from North Dakota. Like I’ve said before in this space, I really enjoy what I call, “the small tour.” The actual tour is the same size, only the number of winery tourists is smaller. When I’ve got two, I can get to know them – talk about family, work, great books, jobs, movies and so on. I just love making new friends and introducing them to my friends out on the Idaho wine trail.

Idaho Winery Tours

Jennifer and Chuck from Pocatello, ID.

The beauty of it is that I get to introduce new people to the people who are actually in the wine industry trenches. Meeting Marin Fujishin, Kris and Sheri at the Orchard house, Ron and Mary Bitner, Tammy Stowe and her Dad, or Roger Williamson is one of the greatest things about going on a winery tour. When you come on a tour you start a relationship with area. You can sit back and taste approximately 30 different wines from five winemakers, and if you wish, you can become part  of Idaho Wine family. It was ton of fun to watch and listen to this past weekend’s guests ask questions and get to know the people who make such a wonderful product, in such an unexpected place.

This is still just the beginning. With nine different tasting rooms and wineries on the Sunny Slope and more on the way the combinations of people, wines and routes are expanding every year. And each stop has its own personality – just like individual people. Whether your on the deck at Bitner’s peering across the valley, looking over the fruited plain at Sawtooth, or enjoying the European charm of Ste. Chapelle, you’ll definitely get the sense that all of them are serious about their love for this ages old tradition of making wine.

I am very thankful for the people that came to visit and join out little community. Jennifer and Chuck. I hope your journey back across the state was a safe one and the ankle heals perfectly. Jackie and Jerry, I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay and get all that wine finished off before the kids come home. It was my pelasure to have you and hope you’ll return someday soon to try out some different places and meet more of the people who make it happen.

Cheers and Good Cheer, George

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  • Jerry Davis

    We had a great time on this tour. George was fun and informative, and we saw part of the area we wouldn’t have seen otherwise and visited some wineries we would not have found by ourselves.
    Jerry and Jackie Davis

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