Guest Post: Martin Fujishin

Idaho Winery Tours Guest Post: Martin Fujishin with a Harvest Update

Martin Fujishin – Enology and Viticulture Professor at TVCC

Harvest Update

The grape harvest is still running about a week behind, but with the nicest September that we’ve had on record, we’ve caught up from being two to three weeks behind earlier this summer. We’re happy.

Today’s rainy weather will only delay us a few hours while we wait for the grapes to dry out a bit before sending in the picking crews.  Really, the wait is more for the crews than the grapes.  Most of the accumulated water will come off as we hand pick, but that has a side effect in that most of the water ends up on our crew.  We will wait until the vines dry out a bit before we get going again to make our lives easier.

Tomorrow, October 25th, we will do our first picking for Fujishin, our 2010 Viognier.  Sugars look great so far, slightly lower than previous years but still 25% plus which is right where we like them.  The best thing we are seeing this year is that acids are higher than they have been due to the cooler weather which contributes to a nice fruity and crisp wine with good mouth feel and structure.  We will follow that up with Syrah for both ourselves and Koenig and possibly start Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon the end of the week.

In my work with Koenig, we are just over 1/3 of the way through our harvest. We aim to be done with the dry wines around the second week in November.  We will continue to pick late harvest wines and icewine into the winter, but we will worry about those when they get closer to ripening.

Harvest is always a waiting game.  Fujishin and Koenig are almost always the last two wineries picking.  We risk the weather turning bad on us every year but that is all part of winemaking and grape growing.  We’ll keep plugging away for the next week or two and keep you posted.

Cheers and good harvest to you!
Martin Fujishin

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