Prepared for the Season

Idaho Winery Tours teams up with Prepared Catering

Chef Kelli Paddock at Syringa Winery for an IWT dinner tour. Call her for your event: 208.409.8662

Are you prepared for the holiday season? Here’s one ringing endorsement to help you ring in the cheer. This past Summer I engaged the help of Chef Kelli Paddock of Prepared Catering. She put together a five course meal with wine pairings at each course in Syringa’s tasting room for a few return customers of mine. Revisit “Return of the Stretch Pants” and read about it.

Chef Kelli is a Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu graduate, and her talents are unsurpassed in the culinary arts. So this season as you’re planning your Christmas party, or just want to celebrate some occasion, give Chef Kelli a call. She can cook a small meal in your home for you and a few friends, or work her magic for large parties of 200. Wow!

As one who has tasted her culinary delights, I can say that awe will be inspired, and your guests’ eyes will roll back in their heads over the deliciosity of her dishes.

Give Chef Kelli a call at 208.409.8662.

Idaho Winery Tours - inside out filet mignon

Chef Kelli's inside out filet mignon with polenta and parmesan pastry wrapped asparagus. Deliciosity!

What. That’s a word.

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