Good Morning Angels

Idaho Winery Tours - The Charlie's Angels Tour

Episode 1 - Pilot

Once upon a time there were three little girls who went to the police academy….

And they were each assigned very hazardous duties…

I took them away from all that.

And now they tour with me.

My name is George.

In the first episode of Charlie’s Angels, which originally aired on March 21st, 1976, the Angels – Jill, Sabrina and Kelly go undercover to find out what happened to millionaire wine maker and owner of Samara Vineyards before he is officially declared dead. What’s neat about this episode is that you get to see a young Tommy Lee Jones, and David Ogden Stiers (You may remember him in M*A*S*H*).

Idaho Winery Tours Birthday Tour

Happy Birthday Krista

You can watch the entire first episode here. In the Idaho Winery Tours version our Angels don’t assume covers as long lost heiress, dowdy secretary, or sultry blackmailer. They did come dressed the part as you can see from the picture, but there wasn’t any mystery to be solved – unless you consider finding out about the award winning wines provided by our local enologists. Our stops at Bitner Vineyards, Koenig Winery and Distillery, Sawtooth Vineyards, and Indian Creek Winery proved to be quite fruitful in that regard.

At Bitner’s place on Plum Road, Ron and Mary were on hand to pour their famously popular Menopause Merlot. If you’ve seen the label then you know that this wine makes a great birthday present and conversation piece as well as a nice pairing with a great steak. They’re always happy to talk wine and answer questions about the craft.

Idaho Winery Tours

and introducing Matt Frey as Lars Fullgren, international art and wine connoisseur

The wines at Koenig are great as well, but it’s also become famous because of the Huckleberry Vodka. Andy Koenig distills the berries with the Vodka, which make for a clean sipping treat. It’s quite a bit different than ”44 North” you might have tasted elsewhere. Not only that, but Koenig’s got a new mascot. If you’ve never seen an owl up close, the owl lovingly named “Steve” that roosts in the rafters of the balcony is quite the sight. You may have seen him in the last post.

Idaho Winery Tours - Indian Creek w/wine dog Dahlia

Bosley. Woodville and Lars

Sawtooth is always a great stop as it’s one of the few places you can get a view of the Boise River Valley and the Snake RIver Valley from one location. They have all the equipment on display, as well as huge stainless steel tanks for making delicious cabs, merlots, tempranillo and many others. We missed the bottling they just did for this past weekend’s Spring Release, but it was a great day for hanging out in the crushing area, listneing to guitarist Tim Stiles, and learning about their wines.

Our last stop, Indian Creek Winery, topped the day. Dahlia was on hand to get and give puppy love and chase the soccer ball. It’s also great hanging out with the Stowe/McClure Clan, shootin’ the breeze, and finding out what interesting things they are up to. Rock Climbing competitions, trips to different places, unpacking the dahlia tubers for this years garden – such hard workers, and judging by the number of bottles my guests purchased, I’d say the wine ain’t bad either.

Well, goodnight Angels. Thanks for coming on the tour. It was great getting to know you all, and when I need a crack team of crime fighting hotties, I’ll call. Our next mission is sure to be a scorcher (You’ll understand when you watch the pilot to the end).

Cheers and Good Cheer, George

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