Here’s to Utah

Utah Get Away - Idaho Winery Tours

Luther Lee and his posse ride again. Yeehaw!

This past weekend must have been the weekend to flee the Salt Lake City area of Utah. Everywhere we stopped  along the Idaho Winery Tours trail the vintners and tasting room folks said that most of their guests were from the Bee Hive State. We love the folks from Utah. It is really a shame that they can’t get most of the wines that are produced right next door at home.

What better reason to go on a wine tour in Idaho?

Friday and Sunday we had return visitors from last year.

On Friday, Luther and Allison came and brought 4 friends. Last year they stayed at Bitner’s B&B and I took them around. It was a weekday, and they were able to see some good wine making action. They were only able to do a half day last year, but this time around they got the full experience.

Salt Lake City Ladies on an Idaho Winery Tour

From Salt Lake on Saturday

On Sunday, Tim and Suzanne came back for some fun. This time around however they joined in with the band at Indian Creek.

Salt Lake City Escape - Idaho Winery Tours

The Utah 4 join the band at Indian Creek. Frank's in rehab.

Saturday, we had 3 ladies for the day and they had a blast. They even were able to squeeze in a sixth winery at the end of the day and Huston.

See what happens when you’re a fast taster.

I know Utah’s laws are pretty strict, and everyone who comes from there to taste our excellent award winning wines complains, but if it weren’t for Utah’s laws we wouldn’t get such wonderful visitors.

So, all you wine makers in Idaho, raise a glass to Utah.


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